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Business IT Support

Offering a customized, cost effective IT support service, Enteracloud keeps your business technology up and running. We become your virtual IT department by giving you access to a professional team of experts whenever you need us.

Computers & Hardware

Computer Support San Diego’s special focus on customizing powerful, robust IT solutions means your business gets the communications technology it needs today with scalability for tomorrow. We use some of the most advanced, cost-effective computer & hardware solutions on the market.

Managed Services

Offload IT operations and free up your time. Enteracloud will manage any or all of your business communications and technology initiatives, including your voice and data networks, security, equipment, databases, applications, storage and maintenance.

Computer Support of San Diego

Computer Support of San Diego provides the services that you need to keep your business up and running. We began providing support to San Diego businesses in 1997 and have been continuing strong ever since. Whether you need to set up a new infrastructure or utilize our services for an existing one, our engineering and support staff are ready to help. Give us a call or send us an email and let us know what we can do for you.


Contrary to popular belief, not all infrastructures are created equal.

Maybe your business doesn’t require the most advanced, high-tech atmosphere, but there are very specific keys to successful technology environments that you should ensure your company has. Making even one or two mistakes with your infrastructure can lead to excessive, unnecessary downtime, loss of critical data and other even larger issues.

This is where Computer Support San Diego comes in. We provide all of the necessary infrastructure your business needs in a beautifully interconnected technology atmosphere. Our virtual machines, cloud solutions and disaster recovery plans incorporate the perfect amount of interdependence and redundancy to ensure optimal up-time, speed and service.

Get in contact with us today for a free assessment of your infrastructure and more information about ours.


Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure as a Service

Disaster Recovery

Virtual Servers


Imagine never having to worry about your technology because it is all being handled by a trusted partner.

This partner assesses your network and tailors their services to the needs of your business. They monitor your devices so issues are fixed before you even see the warning signs of them. If any problem does arise, you have an immediate contact to reach out to. Updates are handled as soon as they come out. Back ups happen nightly while you sleep. All of your technology expenses are unified under one bill. Now imagine that you call Computer Support San Diego and make that vision a reality.

Essentially, all of the stress, complication and confusion of your business’ technology is eliminated. Our IT Support Service allows you to focus on what you’re best at – your core business – while we take care of your IT systems.

Give us a call at (858) 384-0989 to get started today.

IT Support


Managed Services



What our customers say about us…

Dustin Berkhardt

“Working with Computer Support San Diego has given my business the confidence in our technology that we were previously missing.”

Dustin BerkhardtCEO
Anne Stevenson

“Where would we be without Computer Support San Diego?! They revolutionized our IT department and now everything runs faster and more reliably than ever before.”

Anne StevensonOffice Manager
Marvin Tussi

“Computer Support San Diego works with our IT department like a beautiful partnership should. They do the routine back ups and maintenance, as well as taking care of any escalated tickets so our internal IT department can focus on more immediate issues.”

Marvin TussiIT Specialist
Alana Somogyi

“Thank you for taking care of all of our support issues so quickly and efficiently.”

Alana SomogyiCEO